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  • Serfunghi Mixed Mushrooms - 290 grams
  • Serfunghi Mixed Mushrooms - 290 grams

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Serfunghi Mixed Mushrooms - 290 grams

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Product Description

Carefully picked in Southern Italy

Located in Southern Italy, within the Serre Calabre National Park, Serfunghi carefully picks and processes their mixed mushrooms using traditional ways.  Serfunghi Mixed Mushrooms are a combination of shitake, oyster, wine cap, and white button mushrooms.  Carefully packaged in glass jars with sunflower seed oil, vinegar, garlic, and natural flavors, these ready-to-eat mixed mushrooms bring the unique flavor and unmistakable scent of the finest mushrooms to your table.

We recommend these mushrooms served as appetizers, side dishes, additions to sandwiches, sauces or fried with peppers and tomatoes to top your favorite pasta.


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