• Pellini Top Decaffeinated Ground (.55 lb)
  • Pellini Top Decaffeinated Ground (.55 lb)


Pellini Top Decaffeinated Ground (.55 lb)

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Product Description

Looking for the unmistakable Pellini flavor without the caffeine?

About Pellini Decaffeinated 

  • Italian Roasted and ground coffee
  • Elegant taste with an intense and enveloping aroma
  • Created through a natural decaffeinated process to extract caffeine from coffee beans using carbon dioxide
  • Certified Kosher
  • Ideal for cafetieres, coffee pots and moka coffee pots

Why Pellini Decaffeinated?

Pellini Top Decaffeinated is the right choice!  Produced with the same gentle flavor as Pellini Top, this prestigious coffee has an elegant taste and texture with an aroma that is intense and pervasive.  

The natural decaffeination process, using carbon dioxide, leaves the original flavor and aroma of the bean unaltered.  Pellini Top Decaffeinated is ground for both the stove top moka pot or a home machine. 


At Pellini we put all of our experience into every coffee we make: it's all part of our commitment to bringing authentic coffee culture to homes and cafes all over the world. Quality and flavor are at the heart of every one of our products, and distinctive components of every blend. They're the reason for the unique and unmistakable aromas that set Pellini coffee apart from its competitors. 

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