• Pellini ORGANIC Top Ground 100% Arabica Bean - (.55 lb)
  • Pellini ORGANIC Top Ground 100% Arabica Bean - (.55 lb)
  • Pellini ORGANIC Top Ground 100% Arabica Bean - (.55 lb)


Pellini ORGANIC Top Ground 100% Arabica Bean - (.55 lb)

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Product Description

Pellini Top Organic!

About the Pellini Top Espresso
  • Certified Organic
  • Italian roasted and ground coffee made in Verona Italy.
  • A blend of the finest organic Arabica beans selected from organic cultivation of the tropical belt.
  • The care that farmers dedicate to the conservation of organic cultivation shows through in the outstanding flavors and aroma.
  • Slow roasted to enhance its harmonious and gentle taste.
  • Refined aroma and low caffeine content.
  • Certified kosher
  • Moka espresso maker, for cafetieres, and coffee pots

Why Pellini Top Organic? 

Pellini Top Organic, which is made of beans from organic farms, is part of a “natural” nutritional initiative. An industrial bioethics project supports the protection of natural resources and life cycles, responding to the rhythms of ecology and nature.

The beans that go into Pellini Top Organic are grown in Central and South America by farmers who respect the rhythms of nature and protect the biodiversity of the land. This creates a superior coffee taste and aroma.

From the chocolate aroma, smooth and silky taste to the perfect and unmistakable finish, this coffee will become your first choice over and over.  Pellini Top Organic is ground for the stove top moka pot and home machines.


At Pellini we put all of our experience into every coffee we make: it's all part of our commitment to bringing authentic coffee culture to homes and cafes all over the world. Quality and flavor are at the heart of every one of our products, and distinctive components of every blend. They're the reason for the unique and unmistakable aromas that set Pellini coffee apart from its competitors. 

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