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  • La Cascina Bergamot Panettone
  • La Cascina Bergamot Panettone
  • La Cascina Bergamot Panettone


La Cascina Bergamot Panettone

La Cascina Bergamot Panettone

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Traditional Italian Holiday Cakes!

La Cascina's Bergamot Panettone is made with a bergamot (a tart citrus fruit) cream, famous for its fragrance and flavor, throughout the cake making it a true confectionery delight.  Made without dried fruit. 

Serve with your favorite blend of Pellini espresso this holiday season!  Better hurry!  Panettone is only available during this special time of year.

Panettone is a typical sweet Italian cake associated with the cooking traditions of Christmas and widely distributed across Italy.  Typically it has a cylindrical base that terminates in a dome shape.  It is made from a leavened dough of water, flour, butter, and eggs (yolk), to which are added candied fruits, candied orange, raisins, and cedar in equal parts.  The result is commonly referred to as panetton Candio.  La Cascina also offers a variety of deliciously unique and artisanal cream-filled panettoni. 


About La Cascina

La Cascina is a stone farmhouse dating back to 1899 where it was a local inn for shepherds or farmers who cultivated the lands who, in return for their labor, stayed in the guesthouse.  Restructured to respect the original architecture, it is located about 50 meters from the sea, surrounded by olive groves, bergamot, and orange trees.  The farmhouse was converted to a restaurant that offers an exquisite blend of the unique traditions and culture of the area.

Managed by Salvatore Agostino and highlighted by a great culinary tradition, guests dine under the graceful wrought iron gazebo in a lush garden.

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