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Our Story

Passion and deep respect for our land have long been at the very core of our family’s identity. One of our first opportunities to share these values was in 1950 when grandfather Paolo began producing grape must for the main wine firms of Sicily. Decades later we were able to share our passion and land in a new capacity, by producing and bottling our own wine. In the years to follow, we implemented new ideas and methods, always aiming to improve the process and quality of the wines, while staying true to the traditions that grandfather Paolo taught us.

Today we are proud to continue the tradition of pruning, training and harvesting by hand. We remain attentive to our environment and believe it is our responsibility to give back to our land, and it is still of utmost importance that every bottle leaving the winery is pure and natural.

Our vineyards are nestled in a beautiful landscape and are surrounded by sea and mountains. The perfect balance of sunlight, temperature and soil allows for the ideal ripening of grapes and the preservation of a wealth of aromas. These aromas wait to be rediscovered in every glass of Tonnino wine.

Our Philosophy

 We have never understood the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides because we have always used the abundance of what God and nature have provided to make wine each year.  The beauty of natural wine is discovering its spirit as early as the budding of the fruit and nurturing its personality through adolescence as it blossoms into its own preeminence.  To this end, you will not only find our wines to be naturally organic but will also find our farming and wine making methods impeccably sustainable beyond the wine.  From our corks, labels, and even our ink - all biodegradable. 
In Antonio's words:
"I may own the land and the territory, but it is not mine to keep - I am only borrowing it for a moment in time. We must commit to the future of our children and their grandchildren by always giving it back in better health than when we used it.  This is the motivation behind Tonnino wines".

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