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Natura Amica Pasta

"Nature's Friend"
Simple Ingredients.  It's just that simple.


"NATURA" or Nature

Only the fruits of our land used to color our pasta.

Wheat.  Tomato.  Spinach.  Turmeric.  Beetroot.  Lemons.  Orange.  Chestnut.  Mushrooms


"AMICA" or Friend

A complex concept made simple. We are friends of nature and the intrinsic values it has always provided.  

Vitamins.  Proteins.  Energy.  Color.  And what it evokes... a smile and good humor.


take a look at the all-natural and simple ingredients of the "Caramelle" or Candy 5 color pasta by Amica Natura:



A brief history

Opened in 2002 and on his own, Enzo Scavino started producing pasta for the typical Piedmont cuisine: egg tagliatelle with truffles, Barolo, chestnuts and mushrooms.

Going around selling his pasta, he noticed that there was plenty of this type of product , but something was missing ... a touch of color to the pasta.

They began with coloring one pasta and today make over 40 different colored cuts; even inventing their own forms such as the Fantasy Butterflies.

Something to be proud of

As Enzo says, "I often bring my pasta home to my children and It is always a party! They enjoy the shapes and I am at peace because I know that they are eating the vegetables they would otherwise not eat."


 Check out our collection of unique pasta forms colored by vegetables here!

 Available forms (more coming):




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