Astorino Pasta began in 2002 with the aim of producing pasta that combined both tradition and innovation. Over the years it has specialized in the production of regional products such as macaroni, cavatelli, Strozzapreti, trofie and orecchiette. The pride of the company are the Calabrian pasta shapes like macaroni and cavatelli.  Their all-natural pastas are made with minimal ingredients:  durum wheat semolina flour and water.

From the beginning, their philosophy has led Astorino to pursue production of utmost quality: selecting the best raw materials available on the market and applying production technologies that respectfully align with the traditional characteristics of the pasta made by hand so long ago.

The company's desire to develop a sustainable production came to realization in 2012.  At that time they created a solar co-generation, eco-friendly, facility which has enabled it to significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

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