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About Us

We are a small, family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Kentucky. We specialize in unique wines and specialty foods from Italy.  With roots stemming back to Calabria in Southern Italy, Sergio Sgro's parents emigrated to the United States after marrying and have since begun importing Italian wine and foods from their homeland. Passing on a love of fine wine and authentic Italian food to their son, Sergio, with his wife Susie, they longed to bring tastes of the "Motherland" to the Bluegrass.

About Sergio  ​

Sgro is a partner at Di Vino Wholesalers, a small, family-owned and operated wine distribution business located in the heart of Kentucky.

Sergio believes that selling wine as a service and not a product has built the Di Vino brand over the last 7 years.  He strives to offer world-class services that large competitors are not able to provide, like treating customers as part of the family while teaching them about Italian culture.  

Sergio has a PhD in Industrial Education and Technology from Iowa State University and teaches courses in Applied Engineering Management.  He lives in Richmond, Kentucky, with his wife and business partner, Susie, their three children, a dog and a cat.  When he is not selling wine, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, fitness, and cooking.

 About Susie


Susie is also a partner of Di Vino Wholesalers and focuses on the behind-the-scenes growth of the business.  She manages all the logistics and inventory, both in-stores and online, as well as manage the day to day dealings with customers, employees, and office tasks.

Susie has a degree in Elementary and Special Education, and spent 7 years teaching before she and Sergio moved to Kentucky.  Now she has the best of both worlds, staying home with the children while being able to work closely with Sergio, enhancing their love for all things Italian by sharing Italy with old and new friends!  She says, "Sergio and I believe that when you are at our house, you are part of the family!"  She wants their customers to feel the same way.  "Although you (our customers) may not be able to dine in our home with us, we still think of you as family and desire for you to enjoy the products that we love so much direct from the families that we have grown to love."  

Susie is the one that takes care of your purchase.  If you ever need anything, she will take care of you.  


Welcome to the family!  We'd love to hear from you!

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