• Cibaria - Pecorino Romano
  • Cibaria - Pecorino Romano

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Cibaria - Pecorino Romano

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Aromatic and rich in taste!

Pecorino Romano (quite literally translates to sheep's cheese made in Rome) is a cheese made from sheep's milk.  Pecorino cheese was already famous among the Romans, appreciated as a staple cheese in the imperial palaces and enjoyed by legionaries.


After 5 months aging, the pecorino is perfect as table cheese and after 8 months it can also be a special grating one.  Nowadays this cheese is produced from the sheep which graze in the area of Lazio and Sardinia using the traditions passed down through the generations; it is the evolution of an ancient product for delicate palates. 


Pecorino Romano is a hard cheese, very aromatic, and salty yet rich in taste.  Used in the same way as the famous parmiggiano reggiano cheese, pecorino is an ideal addition to any pasta dish, vegetables, fruits or jams, or served alongside antipasto and a glass of your favorite red wine.

Prepackaged - 188 g  (6.6 oz) each

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