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  • Migliarese - Mulberry Jam (10.5 oz)


Migliarese - Mulberry Jam (10.5 oz)

Migliarese - Mulberry Jam (10.5 oz)

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Tastes like mulberries picked from the tree!

Migliarese's Mulberry Jam will make you think you just bit into a juicy mulberry fresh from a tree.  Mulberries grow plentifully in Southern Italy, so it's no wonder the flavor abounds in their jam.  Migliarese's Mulberry Jam is ideal on any biscuit or bread for breakfast or as a snack.  It also makes an excellent filling for cakes, pastries, or croissants.


Our Recommendations:

  • Slice croissants and fill with Mulberry Jam
  • Top your favorite dessert or ice cream
  • Mulberry Ricotta Pie
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Mulberry Sauce
  • Mulberry Ricotta Pizzza
  • Grilled Chicken and Pineapple with Mulberry Vinaigrette



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