A Look at Italo Cescon's Red Wine Portfolio

Posted on 06 February 2015

Di Vino carries three of Italo Cescon's red wines - Cabernet, Merlot and Pinto Nero. A quick guide to each is listed below.

Cabernet's ability to adapt has made it one of the most recognized red wine grape varieties in the world, growing in every major wine producing country. For most of the 1900s, it was the most widely planted premium red wine grape until Merlot passed it in the late 1990s. Italo Cescon's Cabernet Doc Piave "Il Tralcetto" is made up of 100% Cabernet grapes and is grown is a clay-based soil in the Piave area. The grapes are harvested during the third week of September and spend four to five days in cold pre-fermentation maceration, followed by traditional maceration. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentations last about 20 days. The Cabernet is aged in an oaken barrel nine months and in the bottle for six more months. This wine is ruby red with hints of purple and has a rich aroma of fruits and spices. The Cabernet has a dry, fruity taste with notes of vanilla. Serve this wine with roasts, poultry, game and aged cheese in a glass with a large bowl at about 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Merlot grape originally came from the Bordeaux region in France. It's name supposedly comes from the blackbird that has a preference for it's berries. The Merlot became widely cultivated in Italy in the 19th century. The Merlot grape loves cold soils with good humidity, making it perfect for Italo Cescon's vineyards along the Piave River. The Merlot is made up of 100% Merlot grapes and also is grown in a clay-based soil. These grapes are harvested during the third week of September before spending two to three days in pre-fermentation maceration. The grapes then spend 10 days in traditional maceration. The wine is aged in French wooden oak barrels for nine months and then in the bottle for four more months. The Merlot is a dense ruby red with an intense aroma with pronounced fruit and spice. The taste is warm and generous with a dry, full-bodied, lengthy finish. Pair this Merlot with roast light meats and poultry at about 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pinot Nero, or Pinot Noir, is one of the oldest grape varieties to be cultivated to make wine and often is described as a difficult grape because of it's need for particular climate conditions to thrive. The Pinot Nero is made with 100% Pinot Nero grapes and is harvested during the first week of September before spending four days in pre-maceration. The grapes then spend six days in traditional maceration and alcoholic fermentation. The Pinot Nero is aged in tanks for four months and then in the bottle for three more months. This wine also is ruby red in color. It's aroma is elegant with fruit and rose petal notes. It is full flavored with  spicy notes and a lengthy finish. Serve this wine with roasts (both light and red meat) and game a little cooler than the Cabernet and Merlot.

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