The History of Evangelista Liquori Punch Abruzzo

Posted on 28 January 2015

Evangelista Liquori Punch Abruzzo is a common Italian liquor that is known for its rich bouquet, syrupy texture and sweet flavor. Punch Abruzzo was first produced in Borrello, a cold mountain village. The mayor, Antonio Evangelista, would prepare a special drink with rum, citrus and coffee to keep warm. He heated the drink over the fireplace, and his neighbors and friends could smell the heady scent. Because he received so many requests to try it, the mayor began preparing the drink for his close friends. In 1907, he made a few improvements to the drink and called it Punch Abruzzo. The drink soon became famous and earned several awards and prizes. Evangelista passed the secret drink recipe to his sons, and in 1983, Felice Evangelista, the oldest son, moved the firm to Sambuceto. The third generation still is producing the ancient recipe in Sambuceto. Today Punch Abruzzo is enjoyed around the world and is no longer served only warm. Punch Abruzzo can be drank cold or in cocktails or used in cakes, ice cream and for cooking meats. 

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