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Wine Aromas

Posted on 03 September 2014

We recently tried experimenting with wine aromas for the first time. We had a great time doing it and could pick out the scents and flavors of the wine better once we were finished. If you have never tried it, the steps are easy. Here's how to experiment with wines that have hints of both cherry and strawberry. 

Pick three red wines that all have hints of cherry and strawberry in them and pour three glasses of each wine. Put a strawberry in one glass of each wine and a cherry in the second glass of each kind. Leave the last glass of each as is. You can let the wine sit for a few minutes. We started with smelling the wines. Smell each wine with a strawberry in it. Then immediately smell the wine without a strawberry or cherry. You should be able to lick up on the strawberry hints. Do the same with the glasses of wine that contain cherries. 

Next is the taste test. Take a sip of one wine with a strawberry in it. Concentrate on all the flavors. Take a sip of the same type of wine that has no fruit in it and think about the flavors you are tasting. Even after you swallow the wine, the flavors you taste will continue to change for about thirty seconds. Once again, you should be able to pick up hints of strawberry in the wine without fruit. Repeat for each wine with a strawberry and each wine with a cherry, taking sips of water before moving on to the next type of wine. Some wines will be easier than others, but the process will teach you the beginnings of being able to identify the elements in a type of wine. 

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