Does the Wine Glass Really Matter?

Posted on 28 August 2014

It seems like each type of wine has its own wine glass. So with thousands of types of wine, how is one person supposed to have a glass for each type? Does the glass even really matter? Now I am not an expert, but this is what I have found.

Each wine glass is designed with a specific type of wine in mind. The width and depth of the glass draw out different notes of the wine. The lip of the rim is even important. Because our taste buds sense different characteristics based on their location on the tongue, the wine will taste differently depending on where the wine is placed. If a glass has a thick rim, the wine is placed farther back on the tongue. Glasses with a thinner rim place the wine toward the front of the tongue.This results in the drinker tasting different notes in the wine.

Try it yourself to see the difference. Take two or three different types of wine glasses and pour the same wine in each glass. Let me know what you find!

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