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Posted on 04 February 2015

Italo Cescon has been producing wines in the Italian region of Veneto & Fruili since 1957. Italo Cescon wines are natural wines that have been carefully studied and developed by the Cescon family. The vineyards are made up of 115 ha spread among six estates.

Sustainability and preservation are top priorities for the Cescon family. They use mostly natural fertilizers and no preservatives. Italo Cescon was also the first producer in the Veneto region to include braille on a wine bottle. Five lines make up the Italo Cescon wine portfolio - Il Tralcetto, I Cru, I Collinari, Amaranto 72 and Grappa.

Italo Cescon is most noted for its Il Tralcetto wines. This line of wines is distributed all over the world and can be identified by their unique presentation. Each bottle comes with a piece of vine tied to the neck. While collecting the vines that had been pruned on a winter day in 1957, Grandmother Anna saved a small piece of the vine and placed it in her apron pocket. When she returned home, her son and grape grower Italo, helped her tie the piece of vine with a string to the neck of a wine bottle from their vineyard. The piece of vine symbolizes the land, vine and hard work that help make the wine. The story of the tralcetto continues today, showing Italo Cescon's classic production of genuineness and the simple way to preserve it. Twelve wines make up the Il Tralcetto line including Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Nero, Raboso, Refosco and Riesling.

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