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Italian Recipe - Pellini Orange Ginger Latte

Posted on 06 October 2016

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love sweatshirts, warm blankets and snuggles. And a delicious latte! We can't forget about a luxurious warm drink in our hands, can we? With the flavors of fall, this delicious orange ginger latte should fit the bill to warm you from the inside out! We've made this recipe with Pellini Vivace. The robust flavor is a great complement to the orange and ginger spice.


  1. Pour fresh-squeezed orange juice in a cup suitable for a latte. Sprinkle the ginger over the orange juice and lightly stir.
  2. Prepare the espresso.
  3. Prepare the frothed milk.
  4. Pour the espresso over the orange juice and stir.
  5. Add the frothed milk and garnish with orange zest for an added treat!

Enjoy with your favorite fall treat!

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