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The Perfect Espresso Tasting Session - Step 3

Posted on 17 August 2014

The palate, the place where the experienced of drinking coffee culminates, is the part of the body that experiences and assesses its taste. In coffee-tasting terms, "aroma" is defined by evaluating a number of different factors, which, thanks to our taste buds, we can recognize, evaluate and appreciate, allowing us to savor coffee like true experts.

Do not add sugar to your coffee and take a sip of water before tasting.

Body is the syrupy feeling of coffee that you can feel by swirling it in your mouth for a few seconds. The best coffee is always pleasantly smooth with a syrupy consistency.

Acidity is a particular characteristic of the Arabic species. It produces a sensation of freshness and liveliness that is noticeable immediately after the first sip.

Bitterness is the sensation that affects the back of the tongue.Coffees made with Arabica beans are naturally less bitter.

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