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The Perfect Espresso Tasting Session - Step 1

Posted on 13 August 2014

Turn a daily ritual into an extraordinary experience. The next three blog posts will teach you how to taste your coffee with posts on sight, smell and flavor. Hope you enjoy!

By looking at the cream of an espresso, you can assess its color. The color of the cream of an espresso can range from medium brown (monk's habit) to beige, as a result of the coffee blend used and the barista's skills in using the espresso machine to brew the best coffee.


This nuance is usually produced by blends with a prevalence of Robusta beans (the less valuable of the two varieties) or when the beans have been roasted for too long or the coffee has been incorrectly prepared by the barista.


This is the ideal color of an espresso, the color of Pellini Top. It indicates a blend that is 100% made up of superior quality Arabica beans and has been roasted meticulously and carefully, prepared within the right time, at the right temperature and with the correct amount of ground coffee (generally 7g  per cup.)


This indicates the coffee has been prepared incorrectly.

Stay tuned for information on smell and flavor! Provided by Pellini Caffe.

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